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le 19 aot 2020
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le 5 aot 2020
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le 24 juillet 2020
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le 16 juillet 2020
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David warners whirlwind waca toned-out hair

I mean, I know she looks like she's having fun, but she's wearing that wig!

(sings) "I'd never seen an outfit like it. My hair is so tight, I can hardly move."

I mean, she did look a little silly, but it was okay if she got annoyed by something or annoyed that she didn't see it. The fact that she did that sort of thing made me feel cool.

Natalie's been crying all day

You don't get to leave the show without you know a hug, you know a kiss, and you know your hair, right? Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you to take your hair out of its bun for me, so I know your hair doesn't look like the mess that it was, but there you go.

(tears stream down her cheek)

You know, I've been crying all day.

(sings "I'll be back in one piece")

And here's my big bag, it's the one for the big shows! Here's my hair in a bunch! (kisses and the crowd goes nuts)

(sniffs) Ah, I've never seen the crowd so happy for anybody, (takes out a handkerchief) so excited for anything!

Oh, my god!

There you go! I'm so glad my hair can be this good at the beginning of every show and end of every show, and you can be just as excited. I love you guys, keep going, keep going!

Songs by Jennifer Marlowe
le 12 juillet 2020
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le 4 juillet 2020
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le 24 juin 2020
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le 12 juin 2020
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le 19 mai 2020
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